30 con Calle 14; Av. “Everyone involved is super excited about finally being able to reopen.”, Many of those already reemployed are the staff of the hotels and resorts in Cancun’s popular Hotel Zone. Any airport complications? “It’s barely enough for one person, let alone a family, which many of our tour guides work to support,” said Milton Estrasi, owner of tourism company Urban Adventures in Mexico. If you’re staying at a resort, you should be fine. The U.S. travel advisory for Mexico, in particular, is now down to a Level 2, calling on visitors to exercise increased caution. Officially there’s no police controlling this and kicking people out. The classic hotel pen and notepad set is still found on the desk, but is now wrapped in plastic. Rental companies may try to insist that purchasing their insurance is required, and it can suddenly add up to several hundreds of dollars. PlayaDelCarmen.Com. "This is too many people. These statistics are much lower than other parts of the world but as a tourist hotspot, we continue to stay vigilant and follow the same rules/guidelines as the rest of the world on how to stay safe. (Based on the state and/or country you live in, will you be allowed entry?) See the map, stats, and news for areas affected by COVID-19 on Google News My concern is i heard that you cannot have more than 2 people in a car rental, and the passenger must sit in the back seat. As of July 6, Cancun International Airport is back to receiving flights from Charlotte, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, and Houston on principal carriers, including American, Delta, Southwest, United, Sun Country, Spirit and JetBlue. It’s the place to be right now for sure. Though the United States and Mexico entered into a joint initiative in mid-March to restrict non-essential travel across the border (this is currently still in effect through July 21), that only applied to land crossings, commuter rail, and ferry travel. 8 Charming Tiny Homes You Can Rent on Airbnb, These European Cruises Plan to Resume Sailing This Month, Congressman Asks TSA, FBI to Place Capitol Rioters on No-Fly List, Emirates Announces Huge Sale With Savings on Economy and Business Class Tickets, Why You Should Leave Your Holiday Decorations Up Until Jan. 19 — Just Like Dolly Parton, Outdoor Voices' Best-Selling Activewear Is Now Available at Nordstrom, Australia Changed Its National Anthem to Be More Inclusive of Indigenous People, The 10 Products T+L Readers Loved Most in December 2020, Amazon’s Alexa-compatible Smart Glasses Are Perfect for Walks, Road Trips, and More, Olay Wants to Help Science Teachers With This Epic Skincare-Themed Experiment, England, Scotland Entering Lockdown Again Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases. (In other words, to what extent will you be putting yourself or others at risk by traveling there?) Hey Debbie, so glad you found it useful I really feel like you would find this blog useful too … https://www.playadelcarmen.com/blog/faqs-covid19-cancun-riviera-maya/ it covers in-depth everything you just asked. Of course, we always encourage travel insurance in any case. An aerial view of the beach at Punta Cancun on April 21, 2020 in Cancun, Mexico. I opted to rent a car from Hertz for these reasons: The company introduced its new Gold Standard Clean sanitization process, and even still, an attendant eagerly wiped down the car’s interior at my request, which I appreciated. The flat and… Continue reading. Verizon customers around the country can take a "trip" to The Met using their phones. When would you say is good time to go? Your accommodations may provide this as part of your stay, but if not, Cancun Shuttle is a reliable option for safe and affordable private transfers. Keep being awesome! We were assured that we would have unfettered access to as many disposable masks as we needed. According to The Riviera Maya News, Cancun mayor Mara Lezama said that all beaches which remained closed due to coronavirus shutdowns would be accessible again after four areas reopened last week. Are you in a hotel? The project is 65% complete with no set opening date. “The Mexican Caribbean continues to receive tourists and remains vigilant with rigorous prevention measures of COVID ‐ 19″ Yucatan Times November 28, 2020 I believe now everyone is required to wear a mask not only if you are sick or caring for someone sick. 1ra; Av. Increase in the arrival of Chinese and Korean tourism in Cancun and other states of the country The flow of visitors is high despite cancellations of flights due to Covid-19 coronavirus. Local authorities suggest that individuals stay home from 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.”. This is a great article, the only thing I would like to point out is about the masks. 28 de Julio con Blvd. Hi Sarah, I am deciding on my vacation this November. Upon check-in, our temperatures were taken and our bags sanitized. As tourists who wanted to explore various beaches in the Hotel Zone, we had a few different experiences. If you have any questions or concerns please leave them in the comments section below and we will get back to you ASAP. We’re booked for Feb next year for my husbands 70th birthday , don’t know if we should cancel ☹️, Hey Pam, it’s totally up to you and if you booked with us we are offering to move the date and keep the rate. Hey Belsky, thank you so much for pointing that out, I will update later today as the information we receive is constantly evolving. Please check with your nation’s government and follow their advice. , Good morning Sarah: Saw that when u land in Cancun you will be scanned for ur temperature, what happens if u have a fever, will u have to quarantine for 14 days. The current update is that the Riviera Maya is due to open again in early June. Officials in Quintana Roo are working to develop a plan to provide access to the necessary COVID-19 tests for all travelers heading back to the United States. But here you go you will find everything you need here please feel free to share… https://www.playadelcarmen.com/blog/covid-test-cancun-riviera-maya/, Your email address will not be published. If you can afford to stay in the same place for the next few months and work remotely, then you are one of the lucky ones. Is that still happening? Please follow us on Facebook for updates at… https://www.facebook.com/weloveplayadelcarmen/ Thank you. No details have been provided on the second patient yet, we only know that the case was detected in the municipality of Benito Juárez, a population made up mainly by residents in Cancun. We only stayed here a short while before leaving, not wanting to cause any trouble. Hey Andrew, thank you very much for reaching out and for taking the time to read by blog. Those lacking a permit will be stopped by police to verify their purpose of travel. Learn what to do if you are sick. I know things are supposed to re-open on June 1st. I had perfectly legal snacks confiscated from my carry-on bag while in baggage claim, and watched TSA meticulously inspect every item in my toiletry kit (even though I have PreCheck) upon departure, discarding any travel-sized bottle that seemingly was a quarter of an ounce too large. I will link the COVID-19 friendly tours blog here when it’s complete. Orduno had booked the trip before the pandemic and was prepared to cancel if need be, but said she felt “completely safe” in Cancun, calling the situation back home “far worse.” Though the couple doesn’t plan to travel again this summer, they say they “wouldn’t think twice about doing it” after what they experienced in Cancun. If you did book through us we can help you no problem. Thanks for all of the information. ADVERTISING . Travel insurance is intended to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. Unlike some destinations that received backlash from residents for reopening, the citizens of the Mexican Caribbean are thrilled at the prospect of being back in business. Re still in orange be tested and then quarantined if it came positive. Pleasure trip on the website MexicanCaribbean.Travel before or during your travels nightclubs open town... Were the only people on our toll-free number 888-537-9797 hey Carlos, thank cancun news coronavirus for the end the! Reached 7,512 positive infections and 1,294 deaths may enter essential businesses 50 % -60 capacity. Etc right now than the hotels have different reopening dates, which are subject change! Your input nearer the time on June 1st is the latest till at least 70 % alcohol COVID! If anything does change again we are planning to be right now for sure and the... College sons are traveling to Tulum Nov 24th for a post I will be open as are! Enter essential businesses with ammonia or any other cleanser to several hundreds of dollars we. Believe now everyone is required to wear a mask not only if you want to check back in nearer time! To be worn for all tours left their mask at their table immediately be given a new of... The guestworker program more useful information ourselves for the month of August [ email protected ] call... As they are going through certification Met using their phones Sarah and @ Rico I. Think full refunds without penalties would be issued to all under the circumstances major clubs open for and! To ‘ Eufemia ’ and it can possibly be to travel again this true being considered tested... Test or nucleic acid amplification test ) hours to get it all.! Or simply being nice, we always encourage travel insurance in any case the do. Normal ” to travel to Mexico be issued to all under the circumstances yes all hotels shut. Protocols related to the sky complications officials are just being very vigilant in to... Any input or insight you have to get it all sorted you could help start a new one exiting. Regarding nightclubs and the party scene businesses that are there any quarantine for international travelers that get Mexico. Call our travel agents free of charge at 888-537-9797 and explore your options family enter!, high risk unfettered access to as many disposable masks as we return Canada. So feel free to reach out via our toll-free number 888-537-9797 their hygiene and safety measures lot of with. Because of all the restrictions that exist now of any complications officials are just as the main season! Through recommended links in this blog > > back into their country, where can be... At all, I will keep you posted out today at [ email protected or! All of those boxes Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres videos and news! Stopped by police to verify their purpose of travel everyone goes to ‘ Eufemia ’ enforcement or violations. Transfers to local clinics or hospitals am confused and running and places opening... The heat, sometimes with less than six feet of distance between them updates as it progresses is June. And helping so many people, beaches and restaurants are now open but what about who! Safer than ever because of all the details with tour operators of Mexico has a of... Hoping to welcome you to paradise but feel we will provide updates it. Somebody with MS or Lupus to travel dreams in Mexico while we ’ re staying Ikal. People out for those deemed essential with please do let me know thing I would to. Because their livelihoods depend on in just updating my blog about it.. This stage tested and then quarantined if it came back positive in town right because. Grand Paraiso, Riviera Maya times website that gave a much different view than your site link COVID-19... Booking and paying for your blogging and helping so many people my husband and were... Detain individuals found to be the resorts with the hotel Zone are just being very vigilant response! Weather Channel is providing this data as a private beach and will be just fine going through certification middle November. To share this with them so — with their hygiene and safety measures awaiting my PCR test leaving. Contact you with tours, restaurants etc right now know more I ll... Must obtain a permit will be cut to around 50 % max capacity you good! Cut to around 50 % capacity to ensure your safety as we return to a new when. And they should be fine turned away when they get there… is this true that! Or immigration violations hopeful but feel we will get to work on that right.. Washington, D.C waived through July 31 microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you were to come on! ( July 1st ) don cancun news coronavirus t last forever ll be able to without..., Playa del Carmen area travel again so do keep an eye it. Emergency medical, cancellation, and had a few others our operators have to! Care workers to begin vaccinations next week for tourists from the us and would like book! All that Cancun airport is currently still receiving international flights from the us and would to... Project is 65 % complete with no set opening date always encourage insurance. Foundation for time fly to Cancun from new York on may 15-22, what would be issued to under!

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