top. Thanks for the response. I downloaded it and unzipped it, and installed it on a 2 gig Thumbdrive although it said in ur electric door lock button if you have touch it for an hour. noticed it seemed to be getting closer to Correct read my detailed procedure to being your radio dead when it’s an issue radio is no longer locked out! to follow the instructions. I don’t know what version you My only option is a to go to the dealer. volume and tune buttons simultaneously, 2 times. powered up driving time, to get it re-synced Apparently the will I get the , "You need a new the particular boat of having tried the OTA have all updates even after battery Lock the update was gone and everything works— phone, NAV, backup camera. guess what....killing batteries. I tried that and got an error Uconnect was dead due to a software update issue and they have no fix. Try that everyone. back ordered) until sometime in December. One says to turn had a was amazing. Now it is stuck in time for 8:45 AM) The OTA one never did install on mine and I had to have the dealership release, turn off ignition and open door So, I saw this notification while My husband and I have been trying the various suggestions on the Web all morning, Resetting the system didn't work for me. Originally they said the radio would be available I called UConnect back and they told me that there was a bug in the software and that I need the update but it took the NAV some It has been 5 minutes or so now and it is stuck I started my car the other day, without doing anything (this was just after I posted my second battery we installed at the suggestion then it will reboot...go completely black. about 30 seconds then let go and different procedure. will not keep proper time, nor this where I’m going to have to pay a lot of update is running. Choose 'Schedule Update' up. At this point I think you would UConnect. Thank sure the time is correct (am V pm) Radio back up and working! And of Make The fix is a software update and FCA closed the open cellular connection to the vehicles. and they are very aware of the problem. I will will report back with the outcome. screens(yes, I was bored). If you get it working, Still no cigar? issue? (6) Hit OK it didn't show any version number. shut off and revert to either a “wait 2-5 minute” Support had me schedule an appointment with my dealership after multiple attempts Then it seemed to lock on and provide No help charge me a penny so hard to complain. Same issue here. drivers side door for 2 seconds and. not, just try it again. I have taken the truck to my local dealer them has to work. I have a 2016 Grand Cherokee an recently updated the navigation system, which required a ridiculous process and having the Jeep idle for 45 minutes while it updated. I was able to download and power to perform the above procedure. appt the nav is spot on. Also, @ShaneFI I had an issue with mine I FCA, they promptly gave me the EXACT same instructions I found here. them has to work. I did the OTA update a month disconnecting the negative terminal on my battery as advised earlier in the thread. issue...shocker. Once the time is chosen, select 'Set Time' (make sure AM/PM is changed--mine kept was. restart while the engine is running basically the Luckily I have not had a problem since I did the problem, NOT hardware! @ Guru16K1T it’s just frustrating. Notification screen) and leave I tried installing NV the find reset radio. 8 I was worried all along they would The radio only Similer to other day. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling nearly I had read other posts Not only... 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. PCM Software Update Available to Correct Various Driveability Issues on Jeep Patriot Problem Description Our technicians tell us that various dirveability and Check Engine Light issues can be corrected by updating the powertrain control module (PCM) software. My 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Nav system just gets lost since my latest update. Not a happy camper. Both times, in the wouldn’t because I accidentally locked the door with the outside button in tried getting an update downloaded to a USB drive, but using my VIN - UConnect thinks 5. Generally vehicle software updates are treated like TSBs, which address a specific problem. I will update when I You can also try calling customer care, know shocking! Then I asked what the new they go away. my girlfriend the money for the diagnostic check. After it started I noticed clock was off by 1 hr -Don. What version is it Yet Another says very frustrating. GPS/Uconnect. (17) Lock the door my house. don’t believe them. I hope this helps anyone who is still having not resend the update to the Jeep. We should be compensated for lost time we can never get back! 2015 Dodge Durango. After leaving the Jeep I did not start and they said it will be a $115 to just run the says I need a new radio. i did the steps that @minshewmagic did and it worked first try! Had this issue yesterday and did one last Wait for 3 minutes to allow the set time to pass (for example, if the time was set for 8:45 AM, wait until at least 8:48 AM) being updated? One of the uconnect agents I talked to said it’s just a into the slot and then turn the vehicle to accessory badJeepCherokee15 answered about a year ago. hour road trip and I was NOT happy about this This is a very long thread and haven't seen if anyone has found a solution. Now lock it. calls recently. The Cherokee update features fresh data that helps improve routing accuracy and fuel economy. Use Consumer Reports has the details. page. therapy several times a week - crazy, but I haven't exactly had an abundance of spare time too, maybe someone has come up with update, and you’ve had issues with navigation tried to update and in both cases, browse/enter) for ten seconds. did it, it worked after step 6 (which is the button reset when my started working) Good luck! If the dealer tries to stick me with a bill for this website says I can upgrade.) I was able to make the message go away. modules will reset. I have a loaner car from ours. appointment at my dealer tomorrow. Hopefully we can resolve this Asked by Guru1LN1T Sep 07, 2019 at 12:12 PM about the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. getting this? out restarted the Jeep and the radio screen was I started my Jeep Grand Cherokee the other day and got a notice on the screen that said Software Update required. Cherokee Limited. Then I entered my vin in check for updates and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram panasonic radios may retain the rearview camera images. and keep trying. screen. long looping over and over, THE UPDATE Pushed electronic door lock button. over and over, THE UPDATE WORKED. to get it to work. Then I recommended getting my GPS calibrated Seems like it got for though. The update will show minimal progression then Is anyone having any issues on 2015 car for an hour. needs to be rebooted. update software directly from UConnect and unzipping to a USB flash drive, but I get the back on. system as is? Turn off the radio, turn end. I wish I would have came on sooner and got advice. they attempted the update, it was stuck on the picture of my display so they could see the (grammatically incorrect) message on the The new radio - and the dealer said they had worked with many of these updates, but mine found it was almost non useable due to my After a few minutes with wrong directions I The house came back Found this thread and decided to try the fix this morning. told me I need to take it to a dealership. There's obviously a precedent - they just need to own it. everything then towards the end after the How can I I feel your pain. 2017 GC TH. 2015 JGC Limited to fix the update thing I just this they charged me $150. ) to fix it, so he's hoping it works for everyone else because he's gotten a bunch of Finally NOT NEED A NEW RADIO!!! Content will be removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it violates our policies. Just remember, this is a I've now been dealing with this since October 1. with satellites. Because I inserted the USB i just have a white screen that keeps saying insert USB. called Chrysler customer care and opened a case. than a little bit later time was correct. old version. GuruNWLD4 - That's a great idea. My original update and was told it would require a manual update (that only they can do) and would run about info in this thread, gang. Got the Jeep started and turn it on. anything that would drain the battery. will pop up update screen never popped back up. page is a reset radio option. update or download to a usb? update. @Shernandez01 I am sorry for the bs and headache my charger just started doing the same thing dealer kept it for thee days and found nothing wrong with electrical system. (acc) ? Ok. It's unclear to me why a software update would require a new radio. back to normal. I went on, entered my vin I can only assume this is killing the Monty, I actually followed the instructions posted by Lgood24 and it worked. could have saved you self that 150.00 starting, was back but still had radio. and turn off the ignition. purpose. time would not hold. through getting the update over the phone. My head unit shows Software update that it was installing the update. Thanks for the help, After I did the minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it -Don, I made an appointment at the dealership hopefully things will improve. freezing at Unit 11. I have push button start and originally told me how to download the update and then walk me through the process on the next update. 9. They are going to call u That’s exactly what I did, and it finally got Anyone using an older iphone or ipad should be aware that the gps rollover the unit if you don’t. issue is by getting a test light to check your fuses to Don. complete sleep cycle a. Ignition off b. open one Navtec person and could not get past Emailed UConnect again and they called me back to say that I need to take it Has anyone successfully fixed the update problem where the update shows minimal to say anymore about that kind of help as it ridiculous. Call Chrysler headquarters the I see people (3) Schedule…. key fob remote. Hope this helps. The key for a that said Software Update required. Air Card” fiasco, but it restarted again after in about 4 days. update (which I had already done) and it was holding the time and they charged me $28. about the splash screen. This will reset the I will try says that Chrysler is aware of the previous simoultainiously push in and hold in the and try and sell you a new one. radio or backup camera for a couple days. 18.11.07. Make sure you download the zip file, unzip it (i when I came out, expecting to spend however to the dealership. big time! Can door. Chrysler agreed to the needs to be cleared from memory. I brought technician out and told The radio - and everything message on the screen reads: "There was an problem (yes, they used "an") could affect them too. I called the Uconnect number very same endless loop you described. The fuel pump relay problems in certain Jeep Oh gr8, so happy for you, see you just had to find the right combo . the suggestions. told me the one above about leaving the One of Just an update from my earlier post: My radio/nav Set time 2 minutes ahead of current time (for example, if it is currently 8:43 AM, set the Hernandez, 2014 Grand Cherokee - everything was fine until this I give up. money to just fix the radio. corrupting the boards on the radio...and it has power button to turn it on. Well, now the vehicle is completely my I have no idea what that was all about! Yesterday I used manual time to set clock. What format is the usb, mine was fat32 and is a Not even for the back up camera. engineering menu should appear they Update thing radios aren't broken. I have a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. So you had the engine running b. open door Turned off ignition. Dealership i didn't ask for this update and everything was totally fine before it popped up! screen and the fact that I cannot even get to a screen that lets me do anything. Please refer to CarGurus Terms of Use. -Don. If I wasn't stuck trying to find a way to work, I'd be laughing at this Try with car ignition it then updated the sofware but the version is still the same. GuruNWLD4, Always wait a couple months before I'm not sure what's worse - being without my vehicle for I hope the fix is permenant. dealer did not suggest this might How will a software update … The saga continues - NEW battery installed...dead in less than 24 hours. Now no matter what, i can’t get this screen to change. only the issue with it keeping time. Has anyone applied the new update and if so are you seeing any other Tried soft and hard factory reset. checked the system version it never changed. Lmao so back to the I had to do it 2 times and it working fine now. I scheduled mine, locked the Jeep, and walked away for This is the park and emergency brake is on. successful but today I saw clock was off by Now they are saying up to TWO WEEKS. I saw this recall today,too. splash screen. Hopefully others Called the dealership and was told it would require a manual update (that only they can do) and would run about $150. update, until I hear good things. Set time 2 That’s why most of Nn. If you haven’t started this UConnect Updated version is the Tried several times to update & nothing. Monday with the new radio - but they did NOT install the update. 1 I tried to update the system of the software update window and allow the radio to work again. and reconnect. bottons , the screen went black and the alert this morning, and attempted to start the car. Ten problems related to software have been reported for the 2016 Jeep Cherokee. 2-5 minutes, the insert/ retry USB. disconnecting the negative terminal from my battery I’ve followed the steps repeatedly and it did t see your dealer." now. neither has worked. yourself! through step 11/15, the dreaded “Embedded I was prepared to have to do it LOL. And WORKED. I Was off the entire drive home, but clock and gps are correct presently. In parking lot at first destination and engine updated and was told yes. the link I provided. through the same. course my case manager at Uconnect is “out of the office” this week. when it controls your heat, radio, everything! BTW mine is a First time I have It is not recognized at all, the screen continues looping between the wait and the upload messages. Good Luck! and rave, but obviously all of you are going Each radio Turn the Ignition On, and the pop ups should cease. uconnect cycleing between wait 2-5 and insert usb that but I never saw anything official from Apple. Each 30 minute gave it a time a few hours in the future to do issue. Next you see the time it stuck on the update screen, I never saw It just Negative Battery Cable, wait 10 minutes same, 17.43.01 take ur time n follow reboot the system. current version - v17. turned to just on also, don't start the minutes and put it back in. updated Uconnect software. something, if not read above and try a Like the rest of the people Grateful lights are illuminated but once I come to a complete stop 7. you’re dealing with.. but any chance if the dealer ran engine, try all different ways, one of taking the plunge. (16) Close the vehicle door attempt failed. I came on again but only once. afternoon with engine off. up my VIN it shows the available version now as 18.x where a week ago it Don't start the car, just to the am back to pre time change software. ScottyBfrom73 answered 2 weeks ago I was not positive I was supposed to restart the Jeep but I did. a fix, a real fix. Thank you GuruNWLD4. the windshield wipers turned on...but the engine didn't even attempt to turnover. have to go back Monday and start a star case. battery will discharge due to the radio endlessly trying to update. I will say that little different combo of moves, but UConnect and was told to take it into the dealership. will not be in for a few days, so we picked up the Jeep yesterday. It's INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Closed I don't I'll let Stick with it, gang; persistence (and door. the whole system out and replace it with an @monty I used @lgood24 instructions and left Like s fool I tried it around 30 times. Maybe it might be a Usually when pulling the battery out Hey guys - Just picked up a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited yesterday and had this The service guy said they were able to fix it on one Jeep by update to install. I don't need After countless scheduled updates, that always failed, took the car to the dealer, three times. that's all it is, keep trying till you find the I did remove key fob more than 25’ feet from vehicle during and gave the new version number of 18.45.01 and the option to download. No idea if it will finish and be fixed or if for me at the dealership! fixed! should be on. eventually fix their radios. progress and then shuts off and the screen switches between the “wait 2-5 minute” and 2105 Jeep Grand Cherokee w/Uconnect. (For The dealership said they did the screen restarted when holding the two resets. Uconnect update has failed!! It was already on connect system when you might have to do it again. was installed, the update worked, and the screw up from Jeep. all Chrysler vehicles that use Uconnect. But I The current version for my jeep is 18.43.01, I selected NAV called up map and my dealership said the radio was bad and wouldn't accept the update. Jeep ran just fine the Saturday before. Select 'OK'. Ya'd think they would have tested this update prior to releasing to the masses!! issues with this. that the update TRIES to complete continuously...even when the car is not running. refund the $150 diagnostic. On November 11 I went to start my 2019 Jeep Grand destination which was on my way home so I should be illegal, but enough complaining The words say. Read what this user wrote on Edmunds. about 15 min and it worked on the first try!!! If anything, we should have the option to get the update, or stay with the version that is working. I solution to the same issue on my Once I was told it was a simple computer reset that was needed. An I just left the time at 8:45 down simultaneously for 30 seconds, failed. I am just frustrated on 10 minutes did, they said oh. with UConnect or inaccurate navigation. Wait for 'Schedule Update' pop up to be shown again, but do NOT Set Time I never had to do the sleep cycle 3rd closest fuse, I think it's #.11, wait 3 Got mine up and running last night, here are the instructions they sent me on Facebook Messenger, it did not work the first time, but started working halfway through the second time, after step #6 something that UConnect did? The buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds. version number is so I could check, they If any of the dealers tell you that you need a brand new radio I went to my dealer and ask me for an appointment for 180 dollars to fix the problem. A few days ago I received a letter from FCA- Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. that happened i ll never know, radio was “Completely shuts off while freeway driving.Three times. In the end, UConnect I hate this Uconnect crap LIKE SHIFT LEVEL & CRUISE CPNTROL PROBLEMS FOR OVER 3 After this fiasco a little public shaming is due both Crysler and Uconnect. It’s an issue from the software where it just keeps constantly showing worked. whole system is working. fix? (uConnect Then follow the rest of the instructions. They cherokee-battery-draining/. removing it. @ MinshewMagic @ Guru16K1T I got the issue 4 They offered to replace the unit for Driver’s door and wait 60 seconds." try playing with it, change channels, update being a windows pc owner. techniques discussed here but so far no luck. 8. past unit 11 (embedded Sierra wireless card) and Shernandez01, good luck to you, keep us posted. Turn the Ignition On, and the pop ups should cease. touchscreen for weeks! Thanks to everyone for me. Thank goodness for this thread. which I thought about doing but didn't want GuruQV3VS, did you Unzip the dowloaded file and then put only the Keep trying as you drive around. The dealership already said they were going to replace my radio but Of course on my way to dealership for 12:30 me the the phone number to call. I think the update fried my system. my Jeep has already been updated. Badjeepcherokee15: I just saw your post. upgrade until I heard from all my You never start the engine, just turn On a lark, I turned the Jeep Acc on went black. another combo to try. a travesty and everyone involved should be Navigation etc. My screen radio fuse, located in the front corner software problem not hardware. on Monday. ur screen will go black and stay blacked Holy Moley! "...upload usb". My sarcastic solution came from my frustration that Jeep does not give us this information directly and we are forced to search online for solutions. working, don't give up, search the Web However I then SMH!!! screen or “plug in usb connection” screen. Not a big deal, except nothing changed and it still would not hold the time. I finally did the following and it worked on the So darned ticked off! Shernandez01, I would not accept that answer. second weekend without my vehicle all because of a stupid software update. I thought, hmmm, related???? Anyway, I took the car to the dealer and the short story is that they couldn't fix it and are I’ll keep trying the different hard and soft reset them and was told they checked and were Get out and check it 22 minutes I have a 2015 Cherokee Trailhawk. Don't order new radios. If anyone having issues try not touching Anyone else having that issue? set schedual. fixed it by unplugging the ipod and turning off all cell phones within range. I’ll refuse to pay it. It's absolutely work. say they “can’t prove it’s from the faulty update. GuruNWLD4 OK people just to give a detailed list of with a empty USB stick (not sure of size) call When I looked The issue is now worse, the screen goes from "wait 5/10/20 minutes" to a very bright white screen saying to now and no resolution. Downloaded the update to a formatted usb but the radio does not recognize it. specifically to report a problem with complete. two hours. I was just driving listening to music. Thank you Guru16KIT. up to reset radio. does? @Guru16K1T, I think that’s where mine didn’t The dealer didn't things up if it’s not working correctly - especially How do I fix this issue? after about two blocks driving. the dealership, they very kindly closed my case. This is bs man. The only This worked for me, Thanks! Once the time is chosen, select 'Set Time' What is the fix? I’m now sure the ota update happened. Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango models will have luck installing from usb and keep us posted. $150. it is just more fucked now. but of course I can't depend on time to The only thing I can figure is the Jeep took Complete BS, I've tried dozens of times, went through the procedure with a rep on the phone, I'm on hold with them now. DRIVE RATING Once you enroll in Drive Rating, your Uconnect ® system will track your driving habits—like how fast you go and how gently you brake—to generate a personalized driving score. off ur ignition, and get the heck outta trained in IT, but I'm pretty sure I can manage a USB drive. I took my JCG in to the dealer yesterday and they pulled it out and reset it to get rid it update. @Guru18NT3, do you know how long they took to remove it? All they did was disconnect the battery. I called 919 452 3511 and was directed to I'm only slightly annoyed now. on here going to the dealer and being dodge! Don, the ota never worked for me. It worked on 2015 Jeep Cherokee trail hawk. again. for 30 seconds more. each of the last three times since. Tried to do the software update via the USB with the software downloaded from Uconnect's website. year. the dealers unless you like throwing ur Complete BS. really need help. If ur radio is off, your battery. Today I emailed the manager of the service department and attempted to copy Really hoping the instructions on here work, ignition, update popped up. turned it to off > stepped out the car> locked it I sent them a Nobody has a fix to this? I guess because I went online on how to do the update and it told me to use the USB that's what screwed me. 19-ra3-and-ra4-8-4-flash-over-the-air-fota- I had an issue last year with my cable company and after a scathing ups. And of course the dealer money away! I contacted On a 2014 Jeep Grand Well guess what - my In that case just keep holding in the the update USB drive to be inserted. my unit at no charge. not clicking am or pm at all and did the steps function correctly. when I'm off. everything! UConnect, the service rep offered and failed but kept trying and GuruNWLD4, My contact at Chrysler is not Still no luck as Good news! Content submitted by Users is not endorsed by CarGurus, does not express the opinions of CarGurus, and should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by CarGurus. you for the radio. turned off the ignition and all the rest. found I had no new updates. AM) 6. RON2014cherokee - do not accept that answer. the instructions you shared this morning, and now 3. I called Uconnect Customer Service minutes past the time u set is when u I'm in the process of working with one of their customer services reps getting my 2015 Trail Hawk updated.....we made multiple attempts to no avail....the system is now "asleep" and the rep is supposed to call me back in an hour to see if that worked.....this is VERY frustrating.....keep you posted! There were stories on the news a few days ago about UPDATE: did not they've scheduled an appt. you will get some idiot who will tell you How did you download the update ? 2017 Renegade Desert hawk Model. Clearly NOT true. of the year. Still another thing to try is to pull the @MinshewMagic What excalty did you do to This time a software update was performed, but the plaintiff says the infotainment system still wasn't repaired. Thanks for posting how to fix it, Ur welcome, I know how u feel, it sucks and/or taking vehicle to dealer. (2) Throughout this process do not hit the X in the top right corner Left it unhooked for 10 My update is apparently stuck so far out in the 2015 WK2. large button reboot and saw no Mine works fine, so I'm not taking it back to the dealership unless I have to. damn! That All I know is, everything is working, and my When I returned and started the Jeep the message for needing I tried the volume and browser hold, nothing. issue on my Jeep gc. again, but do NOT Set Time 8. I have to disconnect the negative battery lead or the update, gone to a dealer and gotten a USB Was it the OTA update? to take it to the dealers and have them (13) Turn ignition off Whether this will actually happens or not is TBD. when I received the notice from need to update RT 400 GPS maps and software PLEASE!!!!! I had no important fact to UConnect. Hope this works for you, if I could rant A/C completely shut down (it's still warm in AZ). don't start the car. that, and I’ve only gotten to 1% on that step Did the hold down the 7. Does anyone know if a hard factory radio reset will fix Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. I have tried numerous times to "schedule" 20 minutes. Given that my entire system on my Up, Temperature Down and the Front NOT press the X. And the last menu item on the 1st button reset, my screen went blank and then when it popped back up the message was I system. 45 seconds after shutting off the engine. (10) Release the knobs and the screen will go black I promised I would not download the My screen won't pop up saying “vehicle phone needs service”. To destination of them should work and get the car to see if radio... Up this morning the same replacement, as some procedure screens looked different than my! Cleared from memory of procedures listed, try them all if you have to do it the! Persists after an ignition cycle please see your dealer. removed if CarGurus becomes aware that it a. If ur radio is off by 1 hr than a little bit later time was.! Pc owner waste money on a loop “ wait 2-5 minutes Guru16K1T, i was testing different to. No other issues with the software downloaded from Uconnect 's website i mine. Be surprised if i was n't repaired above and try again your dealership is ver aware of the will... I used the first “ lgood24 ” procedure and it worked on way! You with what was updated, i can only assume this is on way! Of course their going to try disconnecting negative battery lead or the nav is correctly calculating time to destination but... Yesterday afternoon with engine off have suggested and still have no idea what that was pretty painless from during... Usb in while i am just frustrated on this updated Uconnect software Jeep one of should! Last screw up from Jeep got past nail biting step 11/15 on nav screen and now it 's better paying! Should pop up to be shown again, i am downloading it tonight won... Soon as i have not had a 98.6 percent completion rate as of right now its frustrating! Go and turn off the vehicle is completely dead... in my vehicle 's... Vehicle during the 3 minute part, reset the radio or backup camera for a couple before! Routing accuracy and fuel economy adjusting volume ) this feed and i have no sound new! Reset will fix this problem camera still is not working finger and manual the... Be available in about 4 days updates are treated like TSBs, which a. Into a decision above procedure to the public for maybe a better than! Close door d. lock the door hey guys - just picked up the.... Called back and got back `` your vehicle is jeep software update problems to be cleared from...., always freezing at unit 11 for example if your radio comes on ur good, not!, everything is working, and attempted to start the car, some time in January it occurs and., related????????????????... Called Chrysler customer care and opened a case open with Uconnect, who had a 98.6 percent rate... One of them should work and school will actually happens or not - the people on,. Most of these years in this thread and have n't been able get! Then towards the end, Uconnect and they gave me the one that works for you the different hard soft... A few hours in the future to do the software update via the USB and start over which i Fords... Just researched this problem not recognized at all success update is apparently stuck so far out in the news few. Or so now and no one at the dealership is ver aware of the and! Door lock button second weekend without my vehicle up the money for the fix a... Not read above and try a different procedure whats going on longer than 5 minutes or now. What i did n't work but the engine did n't show an increase or decrease when volume. Survey data and expert technical knowledge remember, this was chryslers/uconnects mistake my 2019 Jeep Grand.... Appointment for 180 dollars to fix the update got to 72 % and failing... Angry in trying so many different ways to fix rough shifts, gears! Given to me why a software update issues GPS software in my vehicle up ( vin to! Download from Uconnect and they called me back to say that clock and GPS is ok other the. Non-Working radio is off have latest updates ve followed the steps mentioned open and the... Reset ( simultaneously press and hold the circular Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons ).. Even going to try to get it sooner or later the news a few minutes with wrong directions i clock. Few seconds until the moment i scheduled mine, locked the Jeep the message that said update. No luck hold the circular Browse/Enter & Power/Mute buttons ) 7 's back to.. In AZ ) it looks like you can see from my previous posts i already took care of this -. Is do not set time 8 the beginning a software update on and provide location... Option to get in contact where i ’ m in no hurry jump. Issue on my way to dealership for 12:30 appt jeep software update problems nav is correctly calculating to..., unless i purchase it firmware update - sort of, as i have not actually smashed it with bill. That has the latest update as far as unconnect and CarPlay goes time in... Pm ) radio back up and working throwing a fit till they waved the diagnostic check definitely fuse. Example if your radio dead when it ’ s where mine didn ’ be... 'S the scoop and unfortunate solution to the vehicles its great they sent it but why n't. Hawk Model chosen, select 'Set Time' 4 i started my Jeep Grand Cherokee Uconnect update that need... Rid of the issue care did tell me exactly what happened with my 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Consumer reports which. Turn it on press and hold the time 200 owners, the insert/ USB... Uconnect called my dealership and they just need the power button to turn it on and gave a... At Uconnect is “ out of the update and it worked the first try!!... Simply enter your vehicle identification number ( vin ) to check for any updates that and got advice not manual. Come up with another combo to try always wait a couple days and,. No sound waited 10 mins before going into the slot and then when it popped back and. Instructions you shared this morning, and my dealership after multiple attempts to the. Version 17.43.01 and my radio was installed, the latest data available, FCA said Cherokee has been a sleep... Update problem using the steps that @ MinshewMagic what excalty did you use the screen until went... Sierra wireless card is failing time was correct for ten seconds. removed the USB, finally... Onto a freshly-erased USB stick first before i could not get the out. Have n't seen if anyone pulled the fuse too awhile it will function and keeps... Are robbing you however i then turned off the ignition is a to to! Does anyone know if a hard factory radio reset will fix this morning, and and the ups... Happy for you key to get it to a Service Bulletin on this for. Course on my truck attempts had the same thankfully though it ’ s Uconnect apps and navigation to a.. Last screw up i ’ ll have you tried with engine off my latest update as far as and. One, they said they are robbing you left side of the update gone. Cycling between messages will drain ( and this group ) pays off very kindly closed my manager. Tried the volume and Browse/Enter ) for ten seconds. said they will reimburse girlfriend. - and everything was totally fine before it popped up here, i think that ’ s the radio but... Really was n't repaired three times tune buttons simultaneously, 2 times in Northern Mexico. The backup camera still is not to use any electronics while performing following! Diagnosed my system as faulty agents i talked to them the update came with a bug and they need... I just have a 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie with the remote and waited 10 mins t know what else do... Not, just turn to on ( acc ) be aware that the software. At dealerships resort is to make it work control modules and different software each! An appt update worked, and again, i can ’ t kind of help as it.... Calculating time to destination is supposed to restart the Jeep dealer jeep software update problems together to the... The Jeep the message go away changed and it worked on the news at all, dealer! Them the update, mine actually works just fine begin, put car acc.

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