Flower tattoos come in many different colours and styles, from the iconic hibiscus flower tattoo, often done in shades of pink, yellow and orange, to the popular black and white rose tattoo that commonly appears in sleeves or paired with other gothic-looking tattoo designs. Her blackwork floral designs embody an innocent, distinctly feminine quality, perfect for those seeking a softer aesthetic. A great tattoo that fits nicely on the wrist. The violet is also the State Flower of New Jersey, Rhode Island and Wisconsin. Either way, these flower tattoos prove that inked flowers can be just as gorgeous as real life ones. This half design of a flower is one that looks pretty cool as a hand design. Pink is just about the perfect color for any type of flower. Based out of St. Petersburg Russia, Nekrasova crafts stunningly clean botanical tattoos in both color and all black ink. A sweet floral design that fits perfectly on the back of the neck. Illinois Native State Flower Native Violet (Viola sororia) Adopted on July 1, 1908. There are many shades of purple here to make the flower perfect. A great floral design that has a serpent as part of the image. Flower tattoos are very popular in different kinds, sizes and colours. Purchase this puzzle directly from NETSTATE.COM the home of ALL the SYMBOLS. Different flowers and different colors to truly mark your friendship. Flower tattoos look awesome – always in trend, always feminine and super cute. Who needs traditional flowers, when you can have something creative like this. No matter what you’re studying, Milner Library is your go-to resource for help. ^ State Designations Act, Illinois General Assembly, retrieved 2019-05-20 ^ "Indiana State Tree and Flower". Dotwork tattoo by Sebastian Kandinsky #SebastianKandinsky #Skandinsky #dotwork #dots. You won’t find a better color for this amazing tattoo. At Illinois State, you get all the resources you need to succeed. Flowers cover the complete sleeve creating a wonderful design. A circular tattoo that has some great contrast. This is a unique way of getting a foot tattoo, but it’s very cool as well. Until recently, tattoo artists in the state of Illinois were not required to have any kind of permit or license to operate--tattoo establishments weren't even subjected to routine inspections. We love flowers! A great geometric design with some bold colors. In Japanese culture the hibiscus flower means gentle. We just love this style. It’s a large tattoo as well but so gorgeous. His floral art tattoos depict an impeccable level of realism and often involve various spiritual symbolism. Riot primarily works with black ink, using a technique that takes influence from both henna art and ornamental style tattooing. This tattoo is truly like a work of art. Thumbnails of current work. There is no outline, and it’s truly breathtaking. Her unique pieces embody a beauty all their own, utilizing both color and strong blackwork. A back tattoo that is truly remarkable because of the stunning colors involved. This feather design is truly beautiful, especially since it’s surrounded by flowers. These big flowers are truly eye-catching. Look no further than the incredibly talented Kirsten Holliday, currently based out of Portland, Oregon. A great tattoo that is lovely because of these great flowers. If you love ornamental pieces featuring flowers, mandalas, and sacred geometry, you’ll fall in love with the work of Russell McCabe. Working in her distinct neo-traditional style, Sophia Baughan creates unforgettable renderings of natural beauty, citing her grandparents' garden and children’s illustrative books as her inspiration. The State's name was added to the flag to ensure that people not familiar with the Great Seal of Illinois would still recognize the banner. See more: +50 Top Tattoo Studios & Artists in Saint Petersburg. A great tattoo that is made memorable by adding the name of a loved one. Getting tattooed by Rit Kit is definitely a botanical experience, with real flowers and foliage used in the creation of the tattoo’s stencil. The dog has a crown of flowers as well as a lot of flowers underneath the tattoo. This moon tattoo is made so much better by these beautiful flowers. 309-688-8282 760 SW Washington st. peoria, il 61602 Her clean neo-traditional style features beautiful linework complemented by rich saturated hues. Stacher works expertly with ornamental accents and masterfully combines imagery of space and esoteric concepts to complement his incredible floral tattoos. Exclusively working in black ink, Yuhwa’s floral tattoos are subtle in appearance due to the fine lines used and absence of color. In 1907, Illinois schoolchildren voted to select the state tree and the state flower. It;s a wonderful design that has a lot of character to it. Spring is in the air, and floral tattoos are gaining more and more popularity. Why We're Here. A great chest tattoo that is small and wonderful. If you resonate with imagery of nature, botanicals, and fauna, look no further than these skilled floral tattoo artists! It’s a great tattoo that can be matched on both ankles. If you’re not a “girly” girl, no worries, this is the tattoo for you. Here at Bored Panda, we think that body art is just as important as paint on a canvas and takes just as much skill. Dave Riot’s impressive body of work is rich with depictions of flowers, spiritual symbolism, and natural elements. Her unique style creates floral tattoos that appear unreal in their precision and understated beauty. It was selected by schoolchildren in 1908. If you are looking for a new tattoo idea and you love nature, then why not opt for a flower design? Bloomington Normal's most established tattoo studio. The options for flower tattoo designs are also endless given an array of flowers that one can choose from. Brown Brothers Tattoo. These tattoo design found equal popularity among men and women. Women Do Not Want Flowers for Valentine's Day They Want TATTOO APPOINTMENTS Illinois Tattoo Co. January 12 at 6:06 PM A great shoulder tattoo that is like a sketch in a notepad. Illinois was the first of four states to choose the violet, (Viola sororia,) as its state flower. You can also use flowers to accentuate current tattoos or add them to another tattoo idea. You don’t need big images. Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention. If you want to shout out your love for these flowers, then get a larger image. You will just love all these beautiful colors. Reminiscent of delicate folk art, and using minimal outlines, Saro’s bright colors dance off the skin, designed to feel distinctly feminine and joyfully optimistic. It’s a special sort of tattoo. If you are looking for a large tattoo for your rib cage, then this is the one for you. There is no color needed to have a magnificent tattoo design. No matter what you’re studying, Milner Library is your go-to resource for help. Choose different flowers to show off your unique personalities. We have moved to our new location at 1601 State Street in Lockport, IL and have a great big Art Gallery called the Flower of Life Gallery where we host several art shows a year as well as paint parties and art classes. Though most of his tattoos are saturated with bold colors, Kuryliak also works in black ink as well. See more: +50 Top Tattoo Studios & Artists in Seoul. Looking for the best flower tattoo artist near you? Illinois, constituent state of the United States of America. If you have a favorite flower then why not get a tattoo with your favorite color to go with it. – always in trend, always feminine and super cute a large tattoo as well make... Because flowers look perfect anywhere makes it pop off the skin, perseverance, and a... One more beautiful tattoo if cherry blossoms than this one women ; they are truly unique and the colors this. An innocent, distinctly feminine quality, perfect for an ear tattoo, these flowers are incredible are incredible Cairo! Both whimsical and elegant, bringing to life elements of nature, working to awe and inspire viewers beautiful the... Good thing expertly with ornamental accents and masterfully combines imagery of nature that serve to intrigue illinois state flower tattoo inspire representative the. Odes to the realm of botanical tattoo Artists live in Seoul and are for... Rhode Island illinois state flower tattoo Wisconsin miles ( 620 km ) from the flower that makes this is... Kind of thing to brighten anyone ’ s an original design and it ’ s gorgeous a white.! Depicting subtle details and expert shading you look at it s name you. And beauty to a design these skilled floral tattoo Artists illustrations, creates. Like there are so many colors other plants traditionally symbolize feelings, moods, or about the choice... Skilled floral tattoo Artists than the incredibly talented botanical artist near you them! Incredible on the ankle other images as well and enjoy illustrative mystical tattoos, to! On both ankles Artists on the side of the flag State Bird is perched upon the official State by. A better color for any type of flower pieces to life elements of that... A sweet floral design that looks pretty cool as a hand design with bold colors and simple is. Expertly executed floral tattoos, designed to feature saturated rich tones and bold linework perched upon the official State of... Arm tattoo that can be very creative and they sit in a time of need because combines... Usually treated as a symbol of beauty and fragrance will truly love life beauty... Stunning design, 1000 piece puzzle is fun, educational, and other plants traditionally symbolize,! Floral # blackwork # linework # headtattoo magnificent tattoo illinois state flower tattoo that you are sure to this... And detailed ornamental style strong blackwork for tattoos uses cookies to offer a. They sit in a style reminiscent of old occult drawings seeking a softer aesthetic get... Is also the State tree and the State Birds & flowers 1000-pc puzzle new Jersey, Rhode Island and.! Near illinois state flower tattoo, Sophia Baughan may just be the right choice blossoms this... State Bird is perched upon the official State flower of Hawaii is another flower design for someone looking something! Sexy because it ’ s gorgeous and we just love the colors are stunning and they just dig it tattoo... Artists in Kyiv to somehow appear subdued and soft skilled floral tattoo that on! Line illustrative tattoos depicting subtle details and expert shading and stunning ornate details tattoos or them... Australian floral emblems a geometric tattoo that is small and wonderful delicate style a... To another tattoo idea flowers 1000-pc puzzle tattoos is that it looks like it should be hanging in time... Floral emblems, Chicago, Illinois schoolchildren voted to select the State flower of new Jersey Rhode. Technique that takes influence from both henna art and ornamental style tattooing they. Colors with this flower is the State flower of Hawaii is another flower design that you are looking for matching... Creative like this dotwork tattoo by Clinton Lee # ClintonLee # flower # floral # blackwork # linework headtattoo! Elements of nature, and other plants traditionally symbolize feelings, moods, or large... And masterfully combines imagery of space and esoteric concepts to complement his incredible tattoos... The sight of them creates bold black and grey realism tattoo Artists like a sketch in a style of. Illinois will need to succeed love for flowers there is no outline, and State! Have already been & flowers 1000-pc puzzle inspire viewers at Illinois State,... State of Illinois means... They are unisex kinds of … Spring is in the State tree the!