He just purses his lips and relaxes his game on top of your head. Huh?! I hope you enjoy XD #anime #boyfriend #fanfiction #haikyuu #hinata #kageyama #kei #nekoma #oikawa #one #scenarios #shots #sport #tendou #volleyball. At least you could get your presentation over with quickly, but that wasn’t what really gave you anxiety. Oh wowww. Just kidding, this strong boi treats you like a queen. You couldn’t help it; “Kageyama” was just so pretty! your own Pins on Pinterest Noya gave you a smirk and walked up to you, kissing your forehead once he got down on all fours. . “Y-you should’ve told me this is what you were going to do.”. Imagine that. Your jaw clenched at that, and you knelt down once more, jamming the fork into the main lock with more force. Share to Pinterest. When you ask him to spread his legs, he knows it’s because you’re cold and want snuggles, and this tiny boy absolutely. He seriously served it right into the back of my head! At that, he turned away, but not before you saw genuine happiness twinkle in his eyes. The motherfucking keys. “Shit, pineapple! When you finish (or more like give up) your studying is when you ask. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. “Umm, so my presentation is about-” a snort echoes about the room, followed by a few more snickers, and lastly a gasp from your teacher. Anyway, hope you like it! Gross. He’s just basking in the sun and trying to fuck with you in any way he can. I’ll bring you breakfast when it’s ready.” His fingers, rough and hot, were gentle against your stiff cheek. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Also, dear requester, with my dirty mind, I sincerely hope I took your request the right way, and hope you weren’t completely looking for innocent fluff. “I don’t mean this to be rude in any way, but who are you?” The captain of the team, an intimidating brunet, regards you curiously and a little defensively. The instant you were close enough, Sugawara reached out for you, but the cop batted his hands away. How could you just. And when you woke, six long, dreamless hours later, you were back in the bed where it all began. I’m just gonna start out by saying this is Kenma we’re talking about. Devil's Smirk | Kageyama Tobio [C O M P L E T E D] Fanfiction by @alyhani Main Cast : Kageyama Tobio x (Reader) Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu Disclaimer to Haruichi Furudate sensei Penggila bola voli dengan senyumnya yang membuat siapapun mengurungkan niatnya untuk mendekat. You wanna do this now?”. Wasn’t it my name you moaned as I made love to you?”, “JUST STOP!” You kicked up to your feet and wiped away your tears, stomping over to the bedroom door only to bang on it. ‘That Kageyama guy is my soulmate.’ Holy shit. You smile fondly before returning your gaze to the game. he also doesn’t know why his attention always seemed to wander to you. After what felt like hours of breaking down, you dropped into a worn out sleep right into the sofa lodged under the door. “Y-yes but this is unacceptable,” his tone loses its nerve but he continues. As lightly as you could, you leveraged the furniture under your bedroom’s door knob. Hello there. Geez, get ur head outta the gutter, guys. “Now, we both know that’s not true. Maybe so, but it seemed to do the trick. Thank God, I’m so glad you’re okay with that. He didn’t move, first narrowing his gaze at Sugawara coming down the street then shifting it back to you and sighing. ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ rin is so pent up after a long week of training. “I’m sorry, was that too forward?” No. Haikyuuuuuuu!!!!! It’s one of the few days he’s invited you over (more like you invited yourself), and when you popped into his room, he’s already relaxing in bed. While most of you wanted to blame it on the fact that you had been unwilling in the first place, a small part of you thought, no, knew that it was the blueberry on the court. Discover (and save!) So I have a request can you write how Kenma Kageyama Nishinoya and Atsumu would react to their s/o randomly telling them to spread their legs cause she wants to put their head on their stomach please and thank you , A/N: Slight warning guys, I haven’t watched season four. It was warm tho, so you couldn’t complain. Sugawara sucked in a breath behind the bathroom door, and you stared in amazement when the lock, “Holy shit,” you mumble, hands shaking in surprise. kageyama tobio isn’t sure why his chest tightens up at the sight of you. The keys. Share URL. “You should know by now to cover your hand with a glove, especially if your soulmate has been thinking this way during your school hours.” What the fuck?! Kageyama Smirk. Images Belong To Their Rightful Owner. Without another word, Kuroo slipped off the bed and observed you, wincing at the way you shut your eyes so tightly. how many different ways can you describe a kiss i. A lump formed in your throat as you shuffled through pens and papers faster, hoping. You throw a confused glance at him before the school bell lets out a chime to bust your eardrums. His black hair is cropped short, with a fringe that hangs just above his dark blue eyes. On the court, Kageyama fist pumps to himself and Hinata copies the action, both yelling heatedly at the point. At the moment, you inspect the freshest mark on your hand before a kind voice interrupts you. His first instinct is to call you. Anime in a nutshell.... 2,548 points • 83 … But lately, ever since you started at Karasuno, they’ve become… calmer in a way, with the addition of a new “Hinata.”, ‘Damn, carrot top actually reached that set!’, ‘That red headed idiot actually beat me in a race! Opening it without a squeak seemed to be a worse challenge. Well shit. “Why,” you laugh your way through the question, “did you have to say that?” It ends in a high-pitched squeak that causes him to flinch. He was hoping you’d notice him … With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Smirk animated GIFs to your conversations. “GOD, I HATE YOU SO MUCH!”. Anime Meme Otaku Anime Anime Chibi Kawaii Anime Anime Guys Manga Anime Anime Naruto Anime Films Anime Characters. Little too late now. “Ughh, whatever, let’s just get this over with, shall we?” Kageyama pushes past the crowd, including you, and walks towards the gym doors. A/N: YOOOOO, are y’all proud of me I finished a major assignment early so I could write! I’m getting lonely in here. › ♥︎ or ↻ if u save. “I got one!”. “Watch your language, darling.” His tone dipped tensely, but trapped inside the bathroom, he couldn’t do anything to you now. Said you always would-”, “Didn’t you? With love, this dirty-minded author. His name is… Hinata? Kageyama grows confused and impatient with you, but you try not to let it deter you. Whatcha doin’?” Yamaguchi, one of the only friends you’ve made since you first began high school, approaches your desk with some pep in his step. The perfect KageyamaTobio Anime Haikyuu Animated GIF for your conversation. “Tobio, can you spread your legs for me?”. “That was-” Hinata. “Really, YN? “Excuse me?” You narrow your eyes at him and raise an eyebrow. “SOMEBODY HEL-” Sugawara shoved a hand over your mouth and helped Daichi lead you back into the building, straight back into your little, personal hell. !,BNHA/MHA, Marvel, and DC. Yeah so um, next time you wanna lay on his stomach, just kinda say it, cuz this boy is all about gettin’ it onnn. K. killerqueenayla. It’s him. “Please take this pass and go to the office for a glove,” Bingo. Then he slowly sets his hands in your hair and combs through it with trembling fingers. “Nothing bad. His hands hovered over your form, wanting to help but… just not knowing how. I don’t know how, but she got out!”. The game is won by a landslide, and he offers to walk you home, a chance at which you jump furiously. Umm, how about no? You scrubbed your face clean of the stale sweat and dabbed the skin with the hand towel. It’s just that, you know, he’s fucking drool-worthy. That’s what I like... :). Nothing hidden in the drawers of his dresser or nightstand. . “Please don’t ever take anything like that back, please. “What the hell did he do?” You shake your head frustratedly while stepping into the main office. Kageyama was afraid of his baby being afraid of him, knowing kids have a problem with his tough look, yet, it turned to be the complete opposite. He just wants to hear your voice, but…, “Hello? “Excuse me?” There’s only one person bumbling around the room, and it’s a younger member of staff who flinches and pushes up his glasses at the sight of you. However, when he lets you go after reading the name on your wrist, you can’t help but feel like the mission hadn’t accidentally gone so wrong after all.. A/N: So like… this was one of the dudes I’ve been drooling over … “Yachi, what’s that little guy’s name? “Sure, go ahead.” You twist in your seat and hold out your hand to Tsukishima, who doesn’t care enough to flip it and read others. What does “Huh” mean? There’s not really much he can do. I’m sorry, but I hope you enjoy! “Too late now.” You grinned and whipped open the. I guess we’ll have something in common for once. You had managed to lure him into your “bedroom” (aka the room where he kept you locked up tight) and trap him inside, blocking the door with the tallest, heaviest furniture you could manage. “Yeah, you’re right!” you admit breathlessly. Your heart couldn’t handle an attack like this, so you worm your hand out of his grip and start to giggle like a maniac while cupping your burning cheeks. You laugh awkwardly and hide the words behind your back. Something’s different tonight. They ran over the back and in the middle of your palm, each new addition darker and bolder than the last, while the oldest faded away to make room for more. “I knew you didn’t want to leave me, Kitten. The thought reminds you of the main reason you were out here with him. It’s deafeningly quiet. He had them the, “C’mon, YN. “I agree,” a squeaky voice adds. Thanks again! But now that she’s transferred to Japan as a foreign exchange student, she realizes that she’s much closer to her soulmate than she used to be… hence why her hair looks like an explosion of black and gray. “I’m really sorry to intrude, but, I mean, I can take him to the nurse’s office so nobody kind of essential has to leave.” You shrug and suddenly realize how half-baked your plan actually was. Only a tight pain was growing in your chest. Now, you were paying the consequences. As I said before, he loves to take care of you, and you asking him to spread his legs isn’t an uncommon occurrence whenever you two hang out. “Man, I hope he’s okay. Share. Just a bunch of wallpapers I've found off Pinterest. “Ooh.” The crowd and players all share the same grimace at the faceshot Karasuno’s first year setter has just taken. I’ll come right back, I just, uh, couldn’t hold it anymore.” Too much information? “Like what?” I think you’re my soulmate. Maybe it’s in the movements of your hips. Feb 5, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Alexa Asentista. A coach jogs out onto the court to do the same, and it’s around that time that your gut tries to tell you something. The worst part is he never even took it to heart. Headcanons), Darling Traps Them in a Room to Escape (Yandere Haikyuu!! Without a second thought, you returned your gaze, more panicked this round, to the cop once more. Jan 14, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Sparkly_otaku. “Interesting,” he mutters with a smirk. No. A/N: HmmmmmmmmmIlikethisonemmmmmm. Essentially he just freaking wants you to come with him to away games from now on. Now you couldn’t use them, “YN, please stop and think about what you’re doing, darling. “School is so fucking stupid,” you hiss on your way back to class, snapping the rubber glove indignantly up your forearm. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. “I-I can take him.” You step up behind a shorter player- Hinata- and speak up. “Pay attention before you get smacked in the face! Well, Kageyama didn’t damage anything serious, but his nose is a little purple from the hard hit. You stare back down at your palm, watching a new, more vulgar phrase take the place of a previous thought about yogurt. Come let me out and just tell me what’s wrong.”, “YN, please don’t test my patience. No, even after your screams and your cries, your pleas and your whimpers, you could still hear the arrogance in his tone. Well, you’re studying. Anyways, hope you like it, and uh… Happy late Halloween? You giggled as he chuckled and pressed your lips to his, he kissed back … That’s a problem.” You snort at him, shaking your head exasperatedly before grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers. “OFFICER!” You raced toward him, almost tripping over your feet before sliding to a stop right at his side. could you please do another version of that with sugawara and kuroo? Senyum yang memaksa seorang gadis untuk melakukan apapun yang disuruhnya. “YN? “There’s something wrong with me,” you whisper, glancing back down at your hand guiltily. “YN, I’m home!”, “Hey Suga, can you come look at something in the bathroom for me?”. He shook his head, trying not to take it to heart before more words, almost indecipherable, scrawl themselves on his hand. At any second, you were afraid he would wake up and see the fear in your eyes, because you knew if he saw it, he wouldn’t let you go. “Fine,” you clench your teeth together and roll your eyes, giving in to his stupid rule, “I’ll help at the game.” At least you didn’t have anything going on tonight. For a man who had been serious enough to plan your kidnapping for months, he certainly seemed quite immature when it came to that plan backfiring in any way shape or form. “What do you mean ‘interesting’?” Tsukishima shrugs away the question before exiting your class and Yamaguchi gives him a wave, taking his seat next to you. ‘Oh my God. I’m sure it’ll be fine. “The bathroom. Moving his arm was a painstaking process. Once, when you tried to move after he had fallen asleep, his legs literally wrapped around you and trapped you against his chest. Almost every single one of his thoughts revolved around the sport. Hand soap was lathered all the way up to your elbows as you rubbed them raw, bottom lip trapped between your teeth. Details File Size: 2271KBDuration: 1.667 secDimensions: 498x280Created: … No. God, he’s so pretty. He doesn’t wanna push you off bc nO but he also wants to keep up his suave, self-controlled appearance. “Fuck.” You rolled onto your side and pulled your knees to your chest, trying to breathe while a dull pain shuddered through your lower half. Hesitantly, he allows you to settle your hands on his kneecaps and pull his legs apart. A/N: Thank you all so much for 400 followers! Share to Reddit. High quality Emoji Smirk Face gifts and merchandise. GIF by homosucklover. Your vicious stabs flooded the apartment, and apparently only served as entertainment for Sugawara. "Argh!" (Side note: Thanks for 1k followers!). His bedroom was clean. I just wanna sleep…. First of all, y’all are just laying in the grass courtyard studying. He got the point, though. Go over there! Each of you turned after hearing Tanaka groan, then you all laughed once Ashi went to the door and out of the gym rubbing the back of his neck. “Don’t mind Tsukki, he’s always aloof like that. Don’t know why, I’m just in a really “write-y” mood today. “YN!” A hand waves in front of your face frantically. anonymous asked: i really like this idea so since i’m pretty sure your inbox is empty i’m going to ask for hcs for kenma, nishinoya and kageyama! “Shut up, you two!” Daichi smacks them both on the back of the head and they switch off like a light, repositioning for the next serve. Kageyama Tobio Kageyama Smirk GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4. “Can I take a look?”. His intention was to see you after class but he was curious what you had to say when your classmate noticed that he had been extra with you recently. For all I know, you could be really hurt and need my help out there.”. Then you rest your cheek on his stomach and wrap your arms around him like a teddy bear and he’s like “oh.”. When you crawl up between his thighs, he tenses up and the smirk on his face falters a bit. In the apartment, the walls were soundproofed and the windows were blacked out, but when you sprinted through the corridors, you were surprised to see you were on the first floor. Anyways, here’s another Bakugou oneshot, because it’s just so easy to get ideas for … Trust me, it’s terrifying.” She shivers beside you while you try to breathe properly. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. I’ll have Hinata spike it directly forward and over his fingers.’. Can you live a normal life knowing that?”, “Last night, Kitten. Isn’t she beautiful? He is of a muscular build. Copy embed to clipboard. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, I got it! “YN, flip the card over,” the blonde girl, Yachi was her name, urged you with wide eyes. When he hears those words, steam practically blows from his ears. “YN, you’re up.” The teacher waved the slip of paper with your name on it like a surrender flag. Block it, now!” A shout coming from Sugawara on the sidelines causes him to jump into action. Except for that. Maybe he passed out. His pupils are dilated, so you wait. Because who could possibly have worse luck than you. “Nope.”. I’m sure they’ll have to pull him, if only to take him to the infirmary.” You swallow nervously at her response. And he’s all yours. am going to hell, see ya there). Aka aka, I have no idea how tf he acts. Please, please just let me go so we can talk about this!”. The second that thought flitted through your brain, they were already both dragging you back toward the apartment building, both of their combined strengths overpowering you easily. kageyama opened a door, making everyone in the locker room to look at him. The perfect Tobio Kageyama Dance Animated GIF for your conversation. Don’t worry, later you showed him how it’s done ;). You set his arm back down on the bed before rising to your feet and padding to the door. These are precious moments. Segunda parte ya publicada en mi perfil! The next, his lips and hands were all over you, all over your body. “You played amazing tonight.” You smile up at him and he hesitantly returns the gesture. If you ask him for something romantic, he’s obligated to say “fuck no.”. Kageyama’s always been tough, but that was a hard hit!” Yachi anxiously bounces on her toes beside you with worry in her eyes. It’s not much, but you figure it’s the closest you’ll get to his lips touching your body tonight. She knows! You smirk a little when you see Kageyama freeze, his pen stopping mid-sentence. You wanted to hate it. “Nice set, Kageyama!” A third year smacked your eyes’ favorite person on the back. him. Go! “Thanks, I guess.” A flush creeps up his face and you chuckle at the sight, inching closer to his side. Kuroo was sound asleep by your side, his chest and cheek pressed to the mattress while an arm draped over your midsection. Here’s a lil thingy cuz I’ve really been into the thought of yandere hcs these past couple days. I tried tho, I swear. “Yes? How could you let that happen? Ever since you hit the age of puberty and soulmarks, your soulmate only had one thing on his mind: volleyball. “Aha!” “Takeda” is crouched behind a desk but waves around the hopefully unused glove he found victoriously. You flinch at the sight of Kageyama taking a hefty spike to his pretty mug. “Do I… know you?” You furrowed your brows, glancing the officer up and down a couple more times just to make sure you were right. You picked over everything in the living room. First, you were sent to your room like a child while the grown ups discussed what went wrong and where. Except he got a little too excited. Devil's Smirk | Kageyama Tobio [C O M P L E T E D] Fanfiction by @alyhani Main Cast : Kageyama Tobio x (Reader) Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu Disclaimer to Haruichi Furudate sensei Penggila bola voli dengan senyumnya yang membuat siapapun mengurungkan niatnya untuk mendekat. Behind your bedroom door, Kuroo chuckled. You wanted to wipe his hidden smugness right off his face. (Lowkey thinking “is this how it’s supposed to be done the first time?”). “I don’t… I don’t want to love you.”, “It’s wrong, what you did to me. Share the best GIFs now >>> We’re talking hairdresser-level scalp massages. All before a single “Huh.”. “An hour of detention or helping out at the game tonight, your call.” The staff member wasn’t cruel or mischievous through any of this. Won’t you come join me?”, When you ran out of those, you moved onto trying to bend forks. One minute, he was entering your room, a forlorn look in his gaze seeming almost abnormal on his face. It covers the entire spanse of skin too, written sideways and reaching all the way up to your wrist. This one was also written at 3 am…and then deleted, so now I’m pissed. or just suga please ? Enjoy! “Jesus, Suga, I thought you said you could handle it?”, “I thought I could too, but she got out somehow!”, “It’s only been a damn month and I can’t even trust you to keep her safe inside for that long? I know just how she likes to be punished.”. His palm is so rough, but still warm and tender against your cheek, so you wait… for nothing apparently. Disgusting. Just like when we first met her.”, “Right, but now we’re both on her bad side. I never even got to meet her, for fuck’s sake.”, “I know, I know, but now you have, Daichi. Doesn’t this make your efforts pointless now?”. I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t-” your breath hitches when he palms your cheek. I just wish that dumbass Hinata had-” Your eyes widen and you swiftly press a finger to his lips. “And you’re all mine too.”. (Oh fuck, I just reread your request, I am so sorry (I saw “randomly” and went off). . Bringing me here. Just let me out, love.”. You lay your head on his stomach and smile against him, enjoying the heat after a cold day. Hello, Kenma? The one on your palm seems to satisfy him enough. You resorted to pen caps while he whined, chucking a few at the bathroom door in annoyance when he got a little too loud. Read Kuroo X Tsukishima from the story Haikyuu!! Sort: Relevant Newest # mean girls # smirk # mean girls movie # smirking # aaron samuels # smile # smirk # ron swanson # smirking # mean girls # smirk # lindsay lohan # mean girls movie # smirking # music video # smirk # smirking # st lucia # help me run away # reaction # smiling # oh really # gina … It was so full of pure love that you resented the warmth it spread through your veins. I think you’ll feel a lot better.” ” Haikyu!! A/N: Thank you so much for 300 followers! BTS, Haikyuu! Right, YN?” He gives you a pointed look. Senyum yang memaksa seorang gadis untuk melakukan apapun yang disuruhnya. “Okay,” you accept your fate and the risks it provides, ambling your way up to the front of the class with note cards written nonsensically. Now this doesn’t mean he doesn’t get a little too excited sometimes…. … A/N: bruh it’s been so long since I’ve done fake texts but obviously y’all are liking them so here ya go! It was hot, too hot. Kuroo shifted onto his side and propped himself up on an elbow, the sheet over his body inching down a bit farther. A tuft of dark hair almost covers his heart-stirring blue eyes, but you’re thankful it doesn’t. Kenma are you there?”, The next day, you go to school with dark circles under your eyes, absolutely pissed. Curse my chicken scratch. Sobs ring throughout the apartment as you dig through nightstands and other drawers in sight. At least until you realized you had trapped Sugawara inside with every single one of your bobby pins. Kageyama watches you suspiciously from inside the circle of people. When A Guy Hits On You 42.1K 513 38. by zombielover8469. I love him- whoa, where did that come from? Author’s note: Haikyuu!! What the hell is he talking about? Nishinoya instantly combs his free hand through your hair while you hum in delight against him. “Right, right, sorry.” You bite your lip and flip it over before returning your gaze to the court. You really did. But… but I do anyway.”. “Sweetheart, you’re so adorable when you get all bratty like this. “Oh, you’re okay with that? by zombielover8469 Follow. You bound your way over to the scene. your face was harshly pressed into one of the lockers by an opposite team’s player. “YN please don’t do this to me! You love to tease him of course, and any other day, you would’ve done so, but…. He seemed to have an attitude problem, and hot damn if that wasn’t your favorite type of man. Takeda clears his throat and glances at the ceiling. You went to the bathroom and did your business, but while washing your hands, you tried to cleanse more. Surely you weren’t that ignorant, were you? his body didn’t move, but everyone present instantly felt the way too … “Don’t!” You shake your head rapidly and hold your hands out to stop him. Still thinking about volleyball, huh? “Come with me.” In what you hoped was a comforting manner, the officer wrapped an arm around your shoulder and led you right in the direction of Sugawara. Your blood boiled at how level-headed he was. Details File Size: 2325KB Duration: 3.100 sec Dimensions: 498x398 Created: 6/22/2020, 2:12:15 PM Truly, it wasn’t completely an excuse. You slide up onto the bed and slink your way in between his legs, giving him a reassuring smile. “God, it’s so early. It’s him. “Hey YN! ━━ KAGEYAMA; please help me hinata bought a pride flag and he said he’s gonna wear it as a cape when we go out ... GIF by kacchadeku. Instinctively, you panicked and tried to wiggle away, but with one “it’ll be okay” from the cop along with a kind smile, you relented and allowed him to lead you back. Devil's Smirk | Kageyama Tobio [C O M P L E T E D] Fanfiction by @alyhani Main Cast : Kageyama Tobio x (Reader) Kageyama Tobio from Haikyuu Disclaimer to Haruichi Furudate sensei Penggila bo... What's It To Yah?! More please. “Holy shit. “Sorry, he’s always thinking stuff like that.” The faculty advisor nods slowly, but pulls the glove just out of reach as you go for it. What an asshole. !, Asahi Azumane, Daichi Sawamura, Hisashi Kinoshita, Original wallpaper dimensions is 4763x2977px, file size is 614.53KB Sort: Relevant Newest # smile # evil # smirk # ryan reynolds # plotting # face # supernatural # drinking # glass # smirk # reaction # smile # evil # kim kardashian # kim # happy # smile # smiling # blink # listening # smile # movies # creepy # evil # child # nba # stare # expression # smirk # hmmm # trump # news # … ), Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat. “Mmm, thanks for letting me do this, Tobio.”, He’s silently oblivious for a moment. For the first few minutes, the home is filled with a dead silence. “‘Nope’ what?” He asks against your finger. “Kageyama! Fake Texts), like i know other things to describe but also. Noya gave you a smirk then cheered after hitting the ball out of the gym. He loves feeling like he’s taking care of you, and this is just one of the many ways he does. He can’t receive for shit.’. Sam tytuł mówi za siebie.W tej książce będą pojawiać się najpopularniejsze memy z anime. Discover (and save!) “Do you want me to stop?” You set your chin on his stomach and peer up at him innocently. Huh? “FUCK!” you shouted, running a hand through your hair and slamming the glass door of the console closed. “No.”. content warning: 18+ content including praise, breeding, mention of babies, a dash of reader being a crybaby for flavor. Kageyama glances down at a watch he doesn’t have and gulps at the sight. “YNNNN please! Now that I’ve met you, I guess it’s kind of admirable that you think about volleyball so much.” His hand squeezes yours at the words and your chest grows tight with joy. You’re not Nike, shut up! How the fuck are we supposed to fix that?”, “Let me handle it. Yep, you were gonna die. Your muscles burned from the sudden burst of movement after being trapped in a confined space for so long, but you would make do. Oh man, you are going to have so much fun teasing him. Nothing hidden in the box in a closet. Just as he wipes away a bead of sweat rolling down his face, Kageyama’s eyes catch on something. “You’ll have to present tomorrow.” Rescind the Bingo. Set one, thirteen points to five. The redhead of the team charges forward just as Kageyama tosses up the ball. . “Umm, hi?” He gives you a weird look but continues on his trek, nose now dry of blood and soiled rag held by his side.

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